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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hey all,

It's me again! Oh yea I'm the only one who posts here so of course it is.
Anyways, here I am in Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, deployed once again. Things sure have changed. Even though I was only here for a couple weeks last time, I can still tell the huge difference. I've finally started hitting the gym more; arms day every day, rah? So yeah I'm sore and all that, it makes life a little more difficult.

I hadn't really planned this out but I finally just got an idea. So since this deployment is a bit less stressful as the last, I've decided to do a few things to the side, some nostalgic things, some fitness, and some artsy things. Starting with nostalgic: On the way out of the States, we stopped in New Hampshire. The airport was crowded full of some old military retirees and other folk who just generally support the military. It was a surprising welcome that none of us saw coming. They held a little ceremony, thanking us and wishing us their best, It was really great. Getting to the point, among all the people was a table where some of them were handing out nifty little nick-knacks. I took a yo-yo and instantly was nostalgic. It's been almost a month since then and my yo-yo skill level is going through the roof. With the help of Andre Boulay's helpful videos full of tips and tricks, I have been practicing with a nice yo-yo to perform intermediate to advanced tricks. The gist of this is that I aim to become at least a low-expert level player.

Fitness... I kind of already touched up on this but I'll go into detail a bit. Two years ago in Sangin, Afghanistan, in my platoon was a man we called "Q". Q's technique to working out was simple: arms day every day (as I previously mentioned). Now that worked out for him, but I want to make a small addition to get the extra testosterone flowing through my system. I'll just do arms every other day, with a little abs at the end of each daily workout. The odd days will need to be legs, as much as I don't want to do legs days considering the amount of walking around I'll be doing out here.

The final thing on my mind, for now of course, is my digital artwork. I suck. I haven't made anything in a long time. I haven't animated anything in an even longer amount of time than that. Basically, I want to. I have the tools in front of me, at my disposal, all I need to do is make the move. I'll be starting out with a refresher. I'm going to attempt to make a much higher resolution image of our Company logo, for the sake of being able to put it on things larger than paper. The Company First Sergeant wants to make rugs, for example, but the only image we have is way too small. The artists were unable to see the precise detail in our image and, thus, were unable to make the design.

Well folks, that's all I have for now. I'll continue to try to remember to maybe be able to hopefully have a chance to update this blog more.


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