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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Not Like Most People

I promise I'll get back to the unemotional crap soon, I just want to get a little feedback on some stuff.

I'm not like most people. That's a big thing to say, yet everyone says it. We all say we're different, but whose to judge who is and who isn't.
We're all the same. We eat the same food, drive the same cars, get the same education and work the same jobs.
We're all different too, though. Our minds aren't the same. We all have different views on ethics, politics, religion, and different appreciations for different things. We all face different experiences in our lives.

The one that get's me the most is when people tell me I should start dating around to sort of play the field and understand how women work. To me, that's just wrong. A relationship is what you have with someone that you care for and love with all your heart. The one you think about every night when you lay in bed, keeping you up for hours, smiling. Why would I want to have a relationship with someone you don't expect to spend your entire life with. Not that I would want to spend my entire life with anyone in the first place. That would be just horrible.

Back home, the only thing I hear from my parents is how they're always arguing, getting mad at each other for what seems to be the stupidest reasons. Sure they're still together and claim to be happy for that, but how can they say that when they live every day in what seems to be agony. Friends get girlfriends, tell them they want to be together forever and get tattoos of each other's names. They break up soon after as if they didn't expect it coming. They cry for a few days then head off to find another one as if a girlfriend is just an expendable friend. This happens with children in high school, what makes them think they're ready to spend their entire life with that one person? Relationships are a joke, people need variety and freedom. They don't want their significant other holding them back from doing what they really want to do.

Overall, to me it seems like trying to bind yourself to one person for your life is just the worst mistake ever. It can only lead to sadness and most of your paycheck being redirected to the person you now hate for breaking your sad little heart.


  1. I was married for 7 years. I knew it was a mistake from the start, but I kept going along with things because it was 'good enough.' The sex was ok, even though it was infrequent. There were good and bad, and I only focused on the good. We married too young, and as we grew up, we grew apart.

    My advice, is to not rush. So many people rush into things, and regret it later. Use your head, instead of your heart (read: dick) to make decisions. It will help.

  2. You generally make a point, and in most instances everything you're saying is pretty much true. But one flaw I see is that you could never know if you love someone if you don't get to know them first, and I suppose that's what 'playing the field' is for.

    Also, some people really enjoy that agony of arguing. It feels human.

  3. >Overall, to me it seems like trying to bind yourself to one person for your life is just the worst mistake ever.
    For me and my gf that's the challenge, maybe when we get old that would pay off, and yes we argue a lot, as humans have done for millenia.

  4. :/ thats why most people shouldnt assosiate with those that we arent compatible with...

  5. thats fine if you dont stick to the social norms of dating, i am sure you will find someone who marches to the beat of the same drum and youll click.


  6. I've always had problems with girls that didn't have a ton of common interests with me. I know some people enjoy this, as they get to learn different things from the other person.

  7. Meh I think that monogamy isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's not exactly a natural thing. Men grew up trying to inseminate as many women as possible to spread their seed in the past. Now we're brought up and taught that we are supposed to stay with one when our bodies aren't wired like that.

  8. I agree, what's the point of having 1 M&M the rest of your life instead of sampling the whole package? I understand having someone that you consider your best friend with you all the time, but every once in awhile it's nice to have options

  9. Breakups are never easy... Especially when its you that gets dumped....

  10. Keep it up man! of course you're going to a hard time right one, but keep on the good mentality. Everything's gonna be okay in the end :)
    nice blog, following

  11. Allright, from how I see it it's like this:
    There are few (VERY FEW) women out there, who I would spend a lifetime with. Because we all are in a way unique. We do NOT eat the same food, we DID NOT get the same education: our parents all raised us differently and in the end we all have absolutely unique DNA.

    As for the playing around part: fucking do it. Date any woman that you like or find enjoyable to be around. Because you need the experience in dealing with women not only to lead a good relationship with the ONE (a cliché term, esp. since there may be more than one ONE) but also because it will make all interaction with women in your work-life easier.
    Trust me. It will help you.
    Also gathering experience with several partners in bed will make you feel different about your body and overall it will improve your self-confidence.
    Just keep in mind that it is all fun and games and USE PROTECTION FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!