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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brand New

If you know me at all, then you know my favorite band is Brand New. It always has been and it always will be. Listening to their sound moves my mind into a better place. Jesse Lacey's , the singer/songwriter, lyrics are so complex that you practically need to attend support group meetings and write research papers to begin to understand the feeling and emotion coming from Lacey's heart.
I'm not much of an artist at all, but I love to use Adobe software. I've had two years of PhotoShop training and countless years of personal experience, one year of Illustrator training and a bit of experience, and various experiences with Flash, Premier, and After Effects.
Here is a little Illustrator trace-out of Jesse Lacey that I did in my spare time one evening.

Simply looking at this image makes me feel at ease.
On the topic of Illustrator trace-outs, I have one more to share with you this evening. This one is of a mansion that I found titled something along the lines of "Templar's Mansion" or something like that. I'm a fool for beautiful architecture, so I saw it as a small challenge to trace out this beautiful image.

Don't look too closely now, as I said, I am no artist. The image is like a picture taken from under a small bridge, which explains the curve at the top.

That's all I have for you today. Once again, thank you very much for taking your time and checking out my blog, each and every one of your visits means a lot to me and I encourage you to follow me. My subjects are always changing and original so it wouldn't hurt, right?

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  1. The Evolution of Brand New always fascinated me.
    it seemed like the CDs followed the evolution of negative emotions from a teenager to an adult.
    started off with jealousy, went to sad emo, then to anger, then to madness and regret

  2. Did you really draw those?
    If so nicely done.
    Also feel free to follow me. =D

  3. To be honest, I love pictures that are bare like that. Instead of adding color and such, keeping them like that adds a different sense of perspective.

  4. Thanks guys, really appreciate it.

    I could take my time and write up some excuse, but I'll make it plain and simple.

    I'm colorblind. Red and green precisely.

  5. @The Rev. Archimedes

    I completely agree. It's very fascinating, but at the same time somewhat disappointing to me. I fell in love with Your Favorite Weapon and even more with Deja Entendu.

    Devil and God was sketchy at first but I wound up liking it more. Daisy was pushing it though, but don't get me wrong, I love all four albums greatly. Devil and God and Daisy both have great songs on them, I really love You Stole for example.

    What I mean is, I really miss their old sound. The newer sound is good when I'm angry or going through something rough, but the old sound is something suitable for any time and any place.

  6. Cool drawings i'm jealous. I've always been able to copy basic pictures well but never just up and draw something from scratch

  7. If i tried to draw like that i think it would come out as stickmen saying I CAN! xD

  8. I like how you made your picture as if it was taken "from under a small bridge", as if you are looking up from your position at some mansion that you feel you can never be a part of. It touches with the feeling of fans of many different artists, let alone Brand New.

    In terms of Brand New, this is my favorite song..
    I understand it is very popular but it's one of the few songs I have heard by them. I like how the chorus yells at you.

    But I know barely any of this band's discography, I'd love to see your future posts speak about Brand New.

  9. hahaha I realize now that the picture has nothing to do with music xD. But you have to understand how I related it to your comment.

    I'd like to see what Brand New songs you are a fan of.

  10. @Tasty

    I have an incredibly hard time deciding between a few.

    I LOVE Guernica,
    I LOVE Good To Know...,
    I LOVE Okay I Believe You...,
    I LOVE I Will Play My Game...

    Sorry, I could only narrow it down to those four.

    I deeply respect much of the other music though. On that note, check out my next post coming tommorrow, I have a great idea.

  11. looking good, keep up the art I always find it a good way to relax. Have to say I love Brand New too, great band with some truly great lyrics and a pretty unique sound.

  12. Your drawings are great, especially for an amateur. I'm impressed.